Geophones and MEMS sensors: Considerations and recommendations

Vibration monitoring is crucial to prevent damage to property and structures, and to comply with regulations. With several different types of sensors on the market, what is the best type to use on your construction, mining, or blasting project?

This white paper highlights the differences and specifics between geophone velocity sensors and MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) acceleration sensors widely used worldwide for dynamic vibration monitoring applications.



Key aspects covered in the white paper include: 


  • Frequency Response: Understand the frequency ranges and linearization processes of geophones and MEMS sensors, enabling you to select the right sensor for your specific application. 
  • Measuring Range: Learn about the measuring ranges of geophones and MEMS sensors, ensuring compliance with industry standards and guidelines. 
  • Sensor Self-Noise: Discover how geophones and MEMS sensors perform in terms of self-noise, enabling you to choose the most suitable option. 
  • Integration and Differentiation: Gain insights into the challenges and potential errors introduced during signal processing. 
  • Standards and Recommendations: Discover the recommended sensor for the different vibration monitoring applications. 

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