Vertical and horizontal deformation measurements provide invaluable information to engineers and decision-makers, but with different types of inclinometer systems and with advances in remote automated data collection, there are many factors to consider when determining which instrument is right for your geotechnical monitoring application.

Join RST Instruments' Matt Hartz and Measurand's Matthew Miller for a live webinar that offers an in-depth analysis and comparison between ShapeArray and In-Place Inclinometer Systems.


Key takeaways from this webinar:  

  • A detailed overview of each instrument
  • Differences in instrument installation methods
  • Automated data collection strategies
  • An understanding of why you would choose one instrument over the other
  • Real-world examples and use-case
  • Interactive question and answer session with monitoring experts




Matthew Miller  

Team Lead - Technical Services | Measurand




Matt Hartz

Business Development Manager | Terra Insights




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