One of the key challenges facing the mining sector is the industry-wide initiative to implement the most effective and efficient methods for monitoring mine sites. New advancements in monitoring technology allow mining companies to access a suite of cutting-edge monitoring tools designed to detect and warn of changes in key geotechnical parameters. But with such a wide array of monitoring techniques on the market, questions such as where, when and how these technologies should be used still remain.


Join Terra Insights' Heather Holden and Adrian Jonson for an on-demand webinar aimed to help mining owners, operators and engineers understand the advantages and disadvantages of the available technologies in order to build robust monitoring systems that comply with evolving regulatory standards.


Key takeaways from this webinar:  

  • Common challenges stakeholders face while monitoring mine sites
  • A thorough review of InSAR's position in the sector and why its high precision and wide coverage make it a necessary tool in the planning and operation of mine sites
  • An explanation of how conventional risk monitoring techniques like ground instrumentation, compare to InSAR and a discussion around how the two can be used as complementary technologies at mining sites
  • Real-world case studies from the mining industry where InSAR was used in conjunction with geotechnical instrumentation




Heather Holden

Business Development Manager | 3vGeomatics

Heather began her career as a university professor of remote sensing with a focus on spectroscopy and spatial statistics before leading an international not-for-profit installing acoustic remote sensing infrastructure. She built and recently sold an asset and investment management practice and joined 3vGeomatics in a business development capacity. In addition to her PhD in remote sensing, Heather just completed her Masters in Infrastructure Protection and International Security.



Adrian Jonson

Managing Director, Africa | Terra Insights

Adrian Jonson is based in Cape Town, South Africa, and is part of Terra Insights as the Managing Director for Africa. He brings his expertise in deformation monitoring, as well as his regional familiarity of the mining industry to the role. Adrian's technical knowledge includes automated geodetic systems, geotechnical instrumentation, and satellite InSAR monitoring. Adrian actively serves the continent's valuable mining, construction, and civil engineering industries, with over 25 years of monitoring knowledge and project management experience.


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