Measurements with geotechnical instruments are a key part of the planning, remediation, and ongoing safety for engineering projects. In the past, engineers relied on manual measurements to determine field performance. Now, modern geotechnical instrumentation can provide stakeholders with the ability to automate the collection of data and transmit that data wirelessly and remotely.


Join Measurand's Megan O'Donnell and Terra Insights' Joseph Cormier for an on-demand webinar that explores how automated data collection can fit into your project's geotechnical monitoring strategy.


In this webinar, you'll learn the different ways to approach data collection when using ShapeArrayTM, from standalone manual data collection to the configuration of a completely automated and wireless network of connected data loggers. You'll also see how slick and easy it can be to deploy and configure a network for data collection.


Key takeaways from this webinar:  

  • Understand the benefits and considerations of using automated wireless remote data collection with geotechnical deformation monitoring

  • What to know when considering the different data collection and connectivity solutions on the market

  • How to deploy and configure a wireless network for automated data collection

  • Why ShapeArrayTM and its patented cyclical installation method is ideal for remote geotechnical monitoring applications and retrofitting existing monitoring infrastructure like deformed inclinometer casing

  • Real-world examples of monitoring applications using automated data collection




Joseph Cormier, EIT, GIT, MScEM

Product Support Specialist | Terra Insights

A geotechnics and geospatial innovation lead, Joseph manages Terra Insights Affinity IIOT connectivity support. Drawing from a diverse skill set spanning remote sensing, instrumentation, laser scanning, reality capture, earth observations, UAVs, advanced surveying and mapping, geophysical surveys, and more. With this versatile skill set and passion for driving solutions, Joseph is committed to providing data with meaningful insights to engineers and geoscientists to make informed decisions and designs.


Megan ODonnell headshot

Megan O'Donnell

Customer Success Specialist | Measurand

In her capacity as a Customer Success Specialist, Megan O’Donnell leverages her expertise in ShapeArrayTM technology to provide clients with comprehensive assistance in installation and data interpretation. Her proactive approach and deep understanding of the technology enable her to guide clients through every step of the process, from initial setup to ongoing monitoring and analysis.

Megan's commitment to customer success and her proficiency in ShapeArrayTM technology make her an invaluable asset to clients seeking to maximize the benefits of automated deformation monitoring.

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